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Welcome to the author website of Carrie Callahan, a 2019 Writers of the Future award recipient, and 2021 graduate of the Bluegrass Writers Studio.

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Galaxy's Edge Issue 52 Cover

“The Whisper of Winter”

Russell lives happily in the woods with no one around accept his old chow-chow, Teddy, and he likes it that way. Russel enjoys his solitude until one evening when all his firewood goes missing. On a last minute quest for fuel to last the night and keep his aging dog warm, Russel is lead deep into a forest turned unfamiliar. The only one who can help him find his way back to Teddy is an ethereal woman who may want more than his gratitude in return.

Find this story and more in the September issue of Galaxy’s Edge Magazine!

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Endorse Your Writing

Writing is often a very solitary pursuit--at least, it is at first. Most of us start out writing just for ourselves. For some, it's anonymous fanfiction, while others write secret fantasies in their journals. We write to explore what we like, and we often start off...
Cover for The Art of Perspective from Greywolf Press

Why You Should Consider The Art of Perspective

This is the first in a series of posts, where I explore writing resources. This is not a review of whether or not I liked a particular resource, but rather a look at what a particular resource is and how it might be beneficial to different writers. The Art of Perspective: Who Tells the Story, by Christopher Castellani, is a quick and conversational look at perspective in fiction, exploring point of view, narration, and even the psychology of storytelling.

Butterfly emerges from a chrysalis

The Chrysalis

There is a myriad of approaches to the “new normal”–each valid in their own way. We could rail against it, trying to force things to be as they were before. We could throw ourselves at our work, determined to distract ourselves as much as possible in the grind. Or we could forget everything and focus on self-care with all our free time. We could allow a miasma of helplessness to seep into our bones, preventing us from doing anything. I’m choosing acceptance, and adaptation. I’m choosing to view this not as a lost year, but as a chrysalis year.

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