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Welcome to the author website of Carrie Callahan, a 2019 Writers of the Future award recipient, 2021 graduate of the Bluegrass Writers Studio, and finalist for the 2023 Baen Adventure Fantasy Award.

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Eric flint wears a Napoleonic uniform while riding an old school motorcycle in front of a charging t-rex

“Boulder Choke”

Casey is on the run from bullies when she finds a strange palace hidden in a disused mine shaft. The old woman inside gives her a tour, but something about her seems eerily familiar. Is she the ghost of Casey’s grandmother? Or someone–or something–else?

Read “Boulder Choke” and other great stories in this anthology featuring authors such as Kevin J. Anderson and Charles Gannon.

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Why do you want to be a writer? Is it to explore new, fantastical worlds? To delve into the meaning behind human relationships? To examine the course of humanity from now into the distant future of star travel? To therapeutically explore concepts, worlds, characters, or memories that just won’t leave you alone?

Or is it to see your name on a book cover? To be called an “author”? To make money?

scrabble tiles spelling out the word "blog" on a wooden background


How blogging is a reasonable method of procrastination.

a series of cogs and flywheels


On how writing mechanically makes me able to write more than 6k words a day

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