Eric flint wears a Napoleonic uniform while riding an old school motorcycle in front of a charging t-rex

“Boulder Choke”


Casey is on the run from bullies when she finds a strange palace hidden in a disused mine shaft. The old woman inside gives her a tour, but something about her seems eerily familiar. Is she the ghost of Casey’s grandmother? Or someone–or something–else? Read “Boulder Choke” and other great stories in this anthology featuring authors such as Kevin J. Anderson and Charles Gannon.

Galaxy's Edge Issue 52 Cover

“The Whisper of Winter”


Russell lives happily in the woods with no one around accept his old chow-chow, Teddy, and he likes it that way. Until one evening when all of his firewood goes missing. On a last minute quest for fuel to last the night and keep his aging dog warm, Russel is led deep into a forest turned unfamiliar. The only way back is with help from an ethereal woman who may want more than his gratitude in return. Read this story and more in the September 2021 issue of Galaxy’s Edge!

“Dirt Road Magic”


When Jake learns the truth about the magic he learns from Old Hurley–the gnarly man living in a doublewide down the dirt road from Jake’s house–he has to make a choice: dig in or get out.

Find Carrie’s award winning short story, “Dirt Road Magic,” in Writers of the Future Volume 35. Along with her story, this collection contains amazing science fiction and fantasy stories from established pros and the shining new voices!


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