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The Jump

Carrie Callahan writers of the future acceptance speechWhen I was five, my dad took me and my siblings—my older brother and my twin sister—to a water park. One of the features of this water park was an impossibly deep pool with a towering outcrop of rock that you could climb and jump off of. There were jumps at five feet and ten feet, and the pool was thirteen feet deep. These numbers are seared into my memory like the symbols of some iconic myth.

Springing Back to My Writing Workshop

Carrie Callahan, Elise Stephens, and Mica Scotti COle posing at the awards event 2019This time last year I was fidgeting. I was fidgeting because I had this huge nervous ball of energy that I didn’t know what to do with. I was fidgeting because I was about to head to the Writers of the Future writing workshop.

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