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You all may have noticed a steep increase in blog posts lately. That’s because I have made a vital decision about my daily writing time: blogging is an acceptable form of procrastination.

I know some people are probably out there cringing, already concerned about the future of my writing if all I end up doing is blogging, but I promise it’ll be ok. I’ve never been big into updating my blog regularly, and I imagine this won’t last forever.

However, I want to build a better daily writing habit. Sometimes, I don’t have a strong enough plan for the day or I don’t feel “up to” whatever I’ve put on the docket for myself. But it’s important to me to still hold space for the work.

So what can one do? One can share a few of the myriad of opinions or experiences they’ve collected over the years. My friends know that I’m opinionated and that if you get me going, it’s kinda hard to get me to shut up. So I thought: why not harness that power for good?

I’ve always hesitated to share my feelings online because I’ve watched people get cancelled for all kinds of opinions taken in and out of context. Watching the dog piles on twitter and other platforms gave me social media anxiety. And you know what? Exposure therapy works wonders for all sorts of anxiety.

So far, I think it’s going pretty well.

Anyway, take this as encouragement from me: if the goal is to write daily, then write whatever is most accessible to you in the moment. Procrastiwriting is still writing.

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