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by | Feb 14, 2019 | Writers of the Future

About Write

About Write, my attempt at YouTubing, is an important project close to my heart–and maybe that’s why I can’t let it go. In order to resurrect my channel like a necromancer with a zombie addiction, I’ve lightly edited and re-posted my video on Narrative Distance:
Understanding Narrative Distance through the lenses of Point of View and Tense

Narrative Distance is a little bit of a technical thing, but I think it’s important to understand in order to take full advantage of the written word. A director can’t make great films without a zoom function, and that’s what Narrative Distance is to us writers.

If you have a chance to check it out, take a few minutes and learn some jargon–it might bring you some insight into your next great story! If you’re more of a reader than a watcher, you can find a written version of this lesson in the Story and Style subreddit here.


I’ve recently been featured in the local Bardstown paper, The Kentucky Standard! The reporter, Randy Patrick, wrote a lovely article that you can find here.

Tomorrow (2/15/2019) I’ll be on the local radio (WBRT) for a whole hour talking about Writers of the Future volume 35, my story, and more. I’ll be on between 11a and 12p EST and you can listen online here.


You might already know this if you follow me on facebook and whatnot, but Writers of the Future Volume 35 is up for pre-order! It’s the only place to get access to my first published piece, along with pieces from other promising authors and illustrators breaking into the SF scene.

BONUS! If you follow this link, you’ll also get a free ebook copy of Writers of the Future Volume 25!


This year is looking to be a truly eventful one! First, there will be the magical Writers of the Future workshop week and gala (which you can find streaming on their YouTube channel on April 5th). Then in later April, I’ll be attending Louisville Conglomeration as booth minion to the effervescent Lydia Sherrer, and perhaps sitting on some panels as well. Finally, in October–a long ways away, I know, but still–I’ll be attending Louisville Imaginarium.

You may also find some rare sightings of a Carrie Callahan at Lexington ComicCon, Cincinnati ComicCon, and Louisville SuperCon, booth minion demand pending.

Anyway, that’s about all I have right now! Keep an eye out for future posts, though, as I anticipate learning a lot in the next couple months from established traditionally and self-published authors that I’m sure I’ll want to share–not to mention giving an account of my experience at the upcoming Writers of the Future workshop!

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